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Commercial Design and Build in Jacksonville

Commercial Design-Build Experts

Achieve the finest in architectural design, solid construction and value-engineering with XEYE Incorporated. Every detail of your commercial center, and the customers it serves, is carefully considered as we create an environment geared for growth. Building for today and tomorrow, XEYE is dedicated to your future success!

Commercial Projects

XEYE serves a wide range of commercial markets in North Florida, including medical, retail, institutional and hospitality. Regardless of the size of the project, our goal is to complete it on time, under budget, and to exceed your expectations.

XEYE is proud to offer the following commercial design-build services:


Site Selection

Tenant Improvement

New Construction

Our team has the knowledge and experience to complete even the most complex projects, and can deliver results within very tight schedules.

Government Projects

Collaboration, communication and creativity are essential components in any design-build project, and they are the major building blocks of everything we do at XEYE. We understand the importance of creating a cohesive team and building trust with our clients. Our “one-stop-shop” approach ensures our design-build projects have all the necessary resources to ensure they finish on time and on budget.

With each government project, Xeye provides the highest quality workmanship in a totally seamless construction environment that does not impede the important services being provided. The perfect balance that XEYE achieves between experience, patriotism and professionalism guarantees that government projects are completed with minimum disruptions while maximizing value.

Benefits of Working With XEYE

Whether you are seeking a design-build firm for a commercial or government project, there are several benefits to working with XEYE:

Cohesive Team – Nothing beats working with a team of designers and contractors who have a great relationship built on years of experience and trust.

Cost Effective – Our goal is to always come in under budget by providing clients with the most cost efficient materials, but without sacrificing quality or safety.

Clear Expectations – Our team works diligently to determine the scope of every project, providing clear budgets and setting realistic completion dates for our clients.

Working with XEYE, you can expect a much smoother process from start to finish, and results that will exceed your expectations.